Three Nights in Tahiti 
at the InterContinental

Tahiti and her islands are located south of the equator, in the same time zone as Hawaii, halfway between California and Australia.  The purpose of the tour was to introduce them to Tahiti and Moorea and have them commemorate their visit in the design of their tifaifais. We stayed three nights at the Tahiti InterContinental in  Faa'a just outside of Papeete.  Because we had arrived very early in the morning we had the whole day to relax at the resort.

After settling into our rooms, we spent the rest of the day lounging around the pool at the InterContinental. 

Becky, Victoria and Sean play in the InterContinental pool.

One of the fun things about the tour is being able to hang out with Didi and Heinui's family and friends.  Above - Didi talks to Heinui's mother and sisters.

Didi arranged for us to see how Tahitian pareos are made.

Next to the pool is a wonderful lagoon which is full of fish.  Several of our group spent time snorkeling and others watched them feed the fish.  

Later in the afternoon we watched an actual Tahitian wedding!

This is Kaaren enjoying the view of Moorea - right.

As the sun set over Moorea, the group knew why Tahiti is considered paradise!

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