Tahiti Quilt Tour
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to join
DIERDRA McELROY               on this special 
March 2-12, 2015
Join Didi on this 8-night Tahiti and Moorea adventure!    
Didi lived in Paea, Tahiti and fell in love with the islands and their people.  It was there that Didi learned to applique the Tahitian quilt, the Tifaifai.   She wants to show you her Tahiti as only someone who once lived in Tahiti can.  She will take you to her special places and explain to you all about Tahiti and the tifaifai.   She will expose you to the magic that is Tahiti - the fragrances, the flowers, the lagoons, the vibrant colors and the beautiful scenery.  Didi will also conduct an all-day workshop and a
 half-day applique workshop and she will help you design your very own Tifaifai to commemorate your visit to Tahiti and Moorea. 

    Who Can Join Us - Anyone!

    You don't have to be a quilter to join this group and couples are welcome.  All that is required is that you have a curious mind and a desire to learn more about Tahiti and Tahitian Quilting.  This is the perfect trip for quilter, nonquilters, spouses and friends.  If you like to travel with a small group then this trip is for you.  We are now booking this trip so give us a call and find out if you can be part of Didi's very special group!  We need 15 people to make this trip a reality.


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