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Manihi Rangiroa Tikehau

Tikehau, with its 400 inhabitants, is an almost circular atoll which is 26 kms across with the shallow Passe de Tuheiava on its west side.  The atoll is located 300 km to the northwest of Tahiti and is about 12 km from Rangiroa.   Tuherahera village and the airstrip share an island in the southwest corner of the atoll.   You arrive at the Tikehau airport and are greeted by representatives of the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort, Jeanne and Hugo.   After a short bus ride, you are taken to the dock and you approach the resort by boat. Life on Tikehau centers around the lagoon, the sea life and is also home to many bird colonies.  Passe de Tuheiava is an important center for lagoon fishing and in the lagoon are fish parks that supply the markets of Tahiti plus there is a motu on the northeast side of the lagoon that produces copra. 

Map courtesy of Pearl Beach resorts.

You fly to Tikehau on Air Tahiti.

We were met at the Tikehau airport by the Jeanne and Hugo, part of the friendly staff at the Tikehau Pearl Beach Resort.