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Bora Bora is located 165 miles northwest of Tahiti and is and is part of the Polynesian archipelago.  Polynesian legend tells us that it was the first island to rise from the sea.  The writings of James Michener brought Bora Bora into our consciousness when he called it the most beautiful island in all the world.  Arts and Entertainment channel agrees.  Arts & Entertainment  just produced a program naming Bora Bora as the second most exotic place in the world.  Bloody Mary's of "South Pacific" fame is located on Bora Bora.

The island is small - only 18 miles around with one road that goes around it.  The center of the island is dominated by Pahia and Otemanu, two towering volcanic peaks of shear black rock that look down on you wherever you go on the island.

 Surrounding the island is a translucent lagoon with many different hues of blue.  Open to the ocean by only one pass, the lagoon is enclosed to the east by motus (little islands) and to the west by a reef.  Within the lagoon are many different types of sea life.  There are resorts on Bora and on the motus (small islands)  that surround the island.  .During World War II, 4500 U.S. troops were stationed on Bora Bora and the island became a refueling station which was named Bobcat.  The airport was constructed by the Seabees in 1943 and is on the northern side of the island on a motu (a small island away from the main island).  You fly into the Bora Bora airport and then are transported to your hotel by boat or catamaran.


You fly from Faaa airport into Bora Bora on Air Tahiti.

Bora Bora Airport on Motu Mute - boats waiting for the new arrivals.