Tahiti & Her Islands

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Maps courtesy of Tahiti Tourisme

Tahiti & Her Islands
Islands Beyond the Ordinary - only 8 hours from Los Angeles

Although Tahiti is actually just one island; in the minds of many people the name represents the entire group of islands that comprise Tahiti & Her Islands, located in the South Pacific.  The region actually consists of 118 islands in 5 archipelagos, or groups of islands. The best known group is probably The Society Islands whose most visited islands are Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora.  Tahiti & Her Islands are legendary for beautiful volcanic peaks, rich smelling flora, beautiful lagoons and waters, and the sound of the French language in the air!   It's a very sensual place - a feast for your eyes, ears and nose. Time and stress melt away in Tahiti  and  you soon understand why so many people came to Tahiti and never left its shores.

"Tahiti is more than a destination, beyond a vacation, almost a state of mind!  It's an opportunity to live the legend of the enchanting South Seas
and to feel as if you're in Paradise."  (from the Tahiti Legends brochure)

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