Hotel Kia Ora

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Hotel Kia Ora Activities on Rangi Kia Ora Sauvage

Kia Ora Village is near the Tiputa Pass and is situated on a beautiful white-sand beach.  The resort has 63 air-conditioned bungalows, 10 of which are overwater bungalows. There are also several two story suites that are ideal for friends and families. Each beach bungalow also features a hot tub on the deck facing the lagoon for relaxing or private star gazing at night.  There are also numerous activities from which to choose. The most thrilling by far is "shooting the pass," which can be done in a glass bottom boat. True adventurers can choose to drift dive or snorkel with hundreds of fish and sharks that are swept along in the current that flows through the pass into the lagoon. It is a memorable experience that makes for a great story to tell your friends.

The beautiful white sand beach of the Kia Ora.

The restaurant and bar at the Kia Ora.

The Blue Dolphin Diving Center at the Kia Ora.

The restaurant.

The bar and the deck overlooking the lagoon. 

Local musicians on the deck at the Kia Ora.

The overwater bungalows.

From your overwater bungalows you can go down the stairs and swim in the lagoon.  

A deluxe garden bungalow.

The beach bungalows.  

Some of the beach bungalows have plunge pools on their decks.

View of the beach from the dock.