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Tiare de Tahiti.  Made by Roxanne McElroy.
The national flower of Tahiti is quilted in 1/2 inch (2.5 cm) echo.

Dierdra "Didi" McElroy is an internationally recognized quilt artist     specializing in technique and hand workmanship.  She has produced   a video and a book entitled “That Perfect Stitch™”, written numerous  magazine articles, and is the founder of That Perfect Quilt Contest.   As president of Roxanne™ Products she developed products that have had a significant impact on the quilting industry.
     Didi's work has been viewed at every major quilt show in the United States.  Recently she was the Featured Artist at the Houston International Quilt Festival.  She has been a guest twice on Alex Anderson's program "Simply Quilts" on Home & Garden  television where she discussed Tahitian Applique and “The Perfect  Stitch”.

    Didi graduated from Texas A&M University.  Because of her training at the University, she brought her knowledge of Biomedical Science into the quilting world.  She shows her students  how to create tiny perfect stitches without stressing their joints and tendons or aggravating  preexisting conditions, such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.  Her talent for breaking complicated tasks down into very specific, manageable steps insures her students' success and makes her a highly sought after instructor.

Didi on beach350

In 2000, Didi led her first "Insider's Tour to Tahiti" and since then she has taken other groups to Tahiti.   She would  love to have you join her on her next "Insider's Tour to Tahiti". You can  see photos of her other tours by clicking on the links below.


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