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North East Victoria

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From wine tasting in the world-famous Rutherglen region to skiing in the beautiful Alpine National Park, Victoria's high country has everything, including "bushrangers"!

Photos courtesy Tourism Victoria

Photo by Gavin Hansford

Tobacco has been grown in Victoria for many years. Below left - Tobacco sheds in Milawa.

The state's high country inspired Australia's most famous work, "The Man From Snowy River", written in the 1800's by poet A. B. "Banjo" Patterson.

Photo Courtesy of the Tobacco Co-operative of Victoria

Photo by Gavin Hansford

North East Victoria is the state's alpine playground in winter, while warmer weather brings horseback riding, 4-wheeling, houseboating, water skiing, abseiling and hiking.

Photo by Mark Watson

Above - Alpine National Park

Photo by John Nash

Above & below -Mansfield Shire Photos

Photo by Mark Watson

Photo by Mark Watson

Meet Ned Kelly - Australia's most famous "bushranger"

Waterskiing on Lake Eildon

Photo by Rob Blackburn

Much like America's Jesse James or Billy the Kid, Edward "Ned" Kelly is a much-loved folk hero to many Australians for his defiance of colonial authorities.  Born in Melbourne in January, 1855 to an Irish convict father, he clashed with police early on, becoming a hunted man after he and his gang were accused of killing three policemen.  During a final violent confrontation at Glenrowan, dressed in home-made plate metal armour and helmet, he was captured and tried.  He was hanged at Melbourne Gaol in 1880, but his daring and notoriety have made him an Australian icon, celebrated in stories, books, songs and film.  Just go online for more information about this fascinating character.

Photo by David Scaletti

A huge replica of Ned Kelly in full armour at the museum in Glenrowan, the town where he was finally captured.

Photo by Rob Blackburn

Ned's cell at Beechworth


Ned Kelly's armour - Mansfield Shire