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Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

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The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park in the Coral Sea gained World Heritage status in 1981.  It is the largest expanse of living coral  in the world, and is one of the natural wonders of the world.  The "Reef" is made up of 2,500 separate reefs, and stretches over 1,240 miles from Papua, New Guinea in the north to Lady Elliot Island in the south.  There are two primary reef types:  Outer and Inner (or fringing reefs), and two types of islands: continental  and coral cay islands.  Some islands are right on the reef and you snorkel right off the beach. Other islands are not on the reef and you take a boat to visit the reef.  Within the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is also the Whitsundays group of islands - famous as cruising grounds.  Below you'll see some of the activities you can enjoy when you visit the Great Barrier Reef and the Whitsundays.  All of these, and others, can be booked by Your Travel Source.

Snorkeling and diving are big activities and many of the resorts have dive centers where you can learn to dive. On the mainland there are many companies that will be happy to take you out to the reef for a day of snorkeling or diving.

Fishing is another popular activity.

Who says you have to leave your golf clubs at home?   There are even several golf courses on the reef to play.

There are all sorts of water sports.

Boats, boats, boats is what the Whitsundays are all about!   You can do a crewed or bareboat charter, go sailing, take a day trip or simply cruise around the islands in every size imagineable boat.

Glass Bottom boats are a popular activity for those who don't like to swim, snorkel or dive.

Mooring pontoons are a fact of life on the reef.  Many tour operators have their own and  clients are taken out by catamaran for a day on the reef.

Photos courtesy of Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority and WhitsundaysAustralia.com and Tourism Queensland.


You can even get married on an Great Barrier Reef island.

       If you want to see the reef from the air, a helicopter or seaplane is the way to go.

Bushwalking (left) and Birding (right) -  other activities you can enjoy on the reef

Cruising is another way  to see the reef