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photo: Berndt Evers

Ecuador is one of the richest countries on the planet in "biodiversity"!

Biodiversity is biological diversity - the total sum of all life on earth and supporting ecosystems.

The tropics believe to hold more than 50% of all plants and animals. while only occupying 6% of land surface of the earth. Ecuador has more bird species in one small national park than the United States and Canada  have combined!

Ecuador has more than 6,000 species of butterflies!

Unique Ecuador!

Monk Saki monkey


25,000 species of vascular plants

 6,000 species of butterflies

400 + species of trees in 1 hectare

138 endemic amphibians

106 endemic reptiles

smallest deer

largest rodent

longest snake

smallest monkey

Mega-Diversity, Conservation International

photo: Capybara page

Pygmy marmoset

Rare Species Conservatory Foundation

Ecuador is the land of miniature monkeys and giant "guinea pigs"!

Grias longirachis

Jatun Sacha Foundation

Spectacled Owl

Spectacular San Rafael/Coca Falls

The tropical forests in Ecuador attract naturalists, biologists, and other scientists to study its ecosystems, its protection, and its benefits to humans. The impressive size of the vegetation of the rain forests leave many in awe.

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