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Otavalo Market has a feast of colorful textiles at very reasonable prices.

photo: Becky

Backstrap looms are used by traditional Andean weavers.

Otavalo Market is one of the best known indigenous markets in the world, and certainly the most popular one in South America. The market is a shopper's paradise of native crafts and textiles bursting with endless color, patterns, and textures. Traditionally dressed families offer their wares in the market on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, although Otavalo has many shops open all week.

Otavalena mother and daughter on market day.

photo: Becky

Artisans from outlying rural communities bring their handicrafts to the town center at dawn to sell to local vendors of Otavalo. By early morning the plaza explodes with color and texture as woven tapestries, bags, and native clothing mingle with ceramic Inca figures, wood carvings, paintings, and jewelry. The plaza is an ethnic labyrinth of vendors in the traditional dress of Otavalo.

Traditional clothing of Otavalo women.

Hand dyed and spun wool.

Volcanoes, lakes and valleys offer visitors extraordinary beauty of Imbabura province where Otavalo is located.

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