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The Florida Keys

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The Florida Keys consists of 88 atolls stretching126 miles between two oceans on a mostly two-lane road dubbed the Overseas Highway. The tropical flavor of the Keys is unique - a blend of Caribbean charm, old south Florida casual and a bit of modern American commercialism thrown in.   In the Keys you can kick back, relax and concentrate on fun.

You can take a cruise ship and stop in Key West, or fly into Key West or Marathon (approx. midway down the Keys) or if you want to explore the entire length of the Keys, then fly into Ft. Lauderdale or Miami, rent a car and  start driving.  Mile markers start in Florida City (at the southern tip of the Florida mainland) at 127 and run all the way down to 0 when you arrive in Key West.   The Keys are like driving back into the 50's and they are casual, relaxed, and dedicated to preserving their laid-back nature.  It is an adventure going through small towns which are very funky and eclectic. The Keys are great for diving, fishing, exploring, snorkeling, shopping, dining, nightlife or just doing nothing at all except watching the brilliant sunsets.

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