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Perth, the capital of Western Austealia,  is located 2,753 miles west of Sydney and 1,598 miles south of Broome.   If you arrive by train on the  Indian Pacific, it has taken you 3 days, 3 nights and 65 hours from Sydney.  If you arrive by plane, you have flown for 4 1/2 hours from Sydney.   But even though the distances are long, it is well worth the trip to discover Perth and Western Australia. Perth was built on gold.  Gold was discovered in the outback in the 1890's.  Perth, Australia's sunniest capital, has two seasons - Summer - October to April (84 - 63) and Winter - May to September (64-46), except when you go into the outback, when temperatures during the day can soar to 120 degrees!  The city is 12 miles inland from the Indian Ocean and is centered around the Swan River. Take a look at the photos below to discover this wonderful city.  When you have finished, click on the buttons to the left to discover what you can do outside of Perth.

Besides the skyscrapers, there are historic buildings all over Perth.  The Old Mill in South Perth (right) is a reminder of the Swan River Colony's early days.

Sailing is one of the many activities you can do on the Swan River.  Another thing to do is take a cruise to Fremantle.

Parliament House. 

In the 1890's, gold was brought to the Perth Mint and was made  into coins for Great Britain.  Bullion is still traded here and you can mint your own medallion.

Buildings from Perth's West End.

A fun way to get around the city is to go on the Perth Tram.

Her Majesty's Theatre is the last remaining Edwardian theatre in Australia.

Shopping is big in Perth.   Above:  the Hay Street Mall.  Other venues are King Street, Trinity Arcade, Murray Street Mall,  and City and Carillon arcades.  You can also go to Subiaco ("Subi" ) where there are  boutiques.

King Street Shopping Area.

Western Australia is known for its wildflowers, which bloom from August to the end of October.  Kings Park and the Western Australia Botanic Gardens is home to 1,700 native species of plants.  There are also many other gardens throughout the city.

There are wonderful galleries where you can buy aboriginal art.

The Swan Bells is the world's largest musical instrument.  It is  comprised of eighteen bells.  Twelve of them came from St. Martin-in-the Fields in London along with five other bells that were specially cast for Western Australia.   Their arrival in Perth commemorated Australia's bicentenary in 1988. The eighteenth bell was commissioned by Western Australia to commemorate the second millennium.

Perth Zoo has Australian and exotic animals.  Perth also has an aquarium plus Underwater World.

Since Perth has 300 days of sunshine, it is a perfect place for sidewalk cafes.  There are many restaurants from which to  choose. 

Stirling Gardens is another one of Perth's many gardens.  Others are the Queens Garden, Supreme Court Gardens and the Allen Green Conservatory.

Images supplied courtesy of Western Australia.

This wonderful sculpture of kangaroos is in downtown Perth.