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Western Australia
Australia's Golden Outback

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Gold was discovered in Western Australia near Mount Charlotte by Paddy Hannan, Tom Flanagan and  Daniel Shea on June 17, 1893, 392 miles east of Perth.   This discovery set off a goldrush which changed the face of Western Australia   forever.   The town of Kalgoorlie is the home of the famous "Golden Mile", the richest square mile of gold-bearing earth in the world.   Today the mining operation is known as the "Super Pit", the world's biggest open-cut gold mine, which is 3 miles long.   Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines (KCGM) operates the pit and is Australia's biggest gold producer.  

The town of ESPERANCE is a  7 1/2- hour drive from Perth and a 4-hour drive from Kalgoorlie.   It is the only port in the southeast portion of Western Australia. There are five national parks near Esperance.  

This area is known for the Pink Lake. 

KALGOORLIE- BOULDER centers around gold and other mining.  The towns are located by  the Superpit.

Hannan's North Tourist Mine on the Goldfields Highway.

Great Ocean Road is a coastal highway that takes you along 70 miles of the coast.   Esperance has some of the best beaches for swimming in Australia.  

The Superpit, Australia's largest gold mine.  

Wave Rock near Hyden.  The cliff is believed to be 2,700 million years old. This region is also know for its wildlfowers  in season.
Photos courtesy of www.waverock.com.au.

This is the Metropole Hotel, one of the 21 historic pubs and hotels  still operating today in the Kalgoorlie-Boulder area.

Exchange Hotel

Australia Hotel

York Hotel

Cornwall Hotel

Above - The Prospectors and Miners Mining Hall of Fame.  There are other museums in the area - War Museum, Pharmacy Museum, Loopline Railway Museum and Western Australia School of Mines Museum.

Images supplied courtesy of Western Australia.