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Eyre Peninsula

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Yannerbie Sand Dunes

Walking on Lake Gairdner

Great Australian Bight is the longest line of seacliffs in the world.

Distances are vast across the Eyre Peninsula.

Port Lincoln is one of many little towns along the coast. 

The head of Bight.

Snorkeling with a seal and swimming with dolphins in the Great Australian Bight.

Michael Clancy took these great photos on his bike ride across Australia.  The Giant Gulla was also in Kimba.  He's waiting for the Giant Lobster on the Limestone Coast!  

The motto for Eyre Peninsula is "Wonders Never Cease" and it is an amazing region. Where can you stand halfway across Australia (Kimba), walk on a lake, watch the Southern Right Whales frolic in front of you, swim with sea lions and dolphins and walk on the largest piece of limestone in the world, (The Nullarbor Plain)?  

 This large region of Australia lies between Port Augusta and the Western Australian border and has a superb wilderness coastline, surf beaches, rolling hillls, rich farmland, rugged ranges, sand dunes, national parks and wonderful seafood.

Whaler's Way

Eyre Peninsula has a Seafood and Aquaculture Trail.  The only one in Australia!

Watching Southern Right Whales at the Great Australian Bight Marine Park.

Amazing rock formations and sand dunes (above).

Marble Mountains

Camping in the Gawler Ranges

Photos courtesy of South Australia & Eyre Peninsula Tourism.


Peter's Pencils in the Gawler Ranges National Park.