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King's Canyon is located in Watarrka National Park and is 3 1/2 hours from either Ayers Rock or Alice Springs.  The park is at the western edge of the George Gill Range and has ancient red sandstone walls which drop about 330 feet into an oasis of clear rock pools and gum trees.  People come here to see the canyon and to go hiking.  There are several tracks around the canyon.  The most popular is the Canyon Rim Walk which takes about four hours or the Kings Creek walk which is at the bottom of the canyon.  If you saw "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert", there is a scene where the group is on a plateau looking to the floor below.  That was filmed at Kings Canyon.  When you are there you can visit the Lost City or go to the Garden of Eden or enjoy a quick swim in a waterhole.  

Double click above to see a video of the Kings Canyon Rim Walk.  

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The Lost City

Voyages Kings Canyon Resort is one of the places to stay at Kings Canyon. 

Sounds of Firelight is a unique dining experience that is offered at Kings Canyon Resort.   

The resort has a pool, restaurant, and a store.

Left, above and right:  Another place to stay is Kings Canyon Wilderness Lodge which is about a half-hour from Kings Canyon.  They have luxury tents  and a lovely verandah where you enjoy evening drinks and a wonderful dining room where you eat at long tables with the other guests. 

The most popular activity at Kings Canyon is the Rim Walk and the Creek Walk.   You can also go to Kings Creek Station, a very funky camel and cattle station, located 45 minutes from Kings Canyon.  There you can take a helicopter ride over the canyon, do some quad bike riding, or ride a camel.   


Kings Creek Station Outpost