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Ayers Rock (Uluru) is located 286 miles southwest of Alice Springs, within the vast Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.  The Australian government handed the ownership of  the land back to the aboriginals some years ago and the park is run by them..   Uluru is 1,150 feet high and measures nearly six miles around its base and is sacred to the aborignals.  They prefer that you don't climb it, but many people still do.  

Dwain Phillis (left) playing his digeridoo at the Sounds of Silence dinner at Ayers Rock/Uluru.  Click on  Dwain's image to see a "Sounds of Silence Dinner" video.

The Olgas/Kata Tjuta is another geological formation which is 12 miles from Ayers Rock in the national park.   They are actually 200 meters higher than Ayers Rock/Uluru. 

The "Sounds of Silence Dinner" is a wonderful way to watch the sun set over Ayers Rock/Uluru while drinking champagne.   Afterwards, you walk to the floor of the desert where you are served a meal of Australian foods.   After the meal, an astronomer points out the stars in the southern sky.  Reservations are a must and we can book it for you.

You need to watch the sun set over Ayers Rock/Uluru but you also need to watch the sun rise too!  Above:   people waiting to watch the sunrise.  It is an amazing and very spirtual experience to see how the colors change on Uluru and it makes you understand why the aboriginals consider Uluru to be sacred.

Click on the photo above to see a video of the Outback Pioneeer Hotel "Cook Yourself  BBQ" and the "Aussie Bush Show" with Mal Clarke.


Ayers Rock Resort,  a complex of all sorts of different levels of accomodations to fit every budget, is outside of the park.  It's like a little mini city in the middle of the desert and is outside the sacred aboriginal grounds.  Take a look at the photos - now you know why they call this area of Australia the Red Centre!


Another thing you can do at Ayers Rock/Uluru is ride a Harley around the base. 

Another place to stay is Voyages Longitude 131 which is set outside of the Ayers Rock Resort with an amazing view of Uluru. 

A must do is to watch the sunrise and sunset over Ayers Rock/Uluru and watch the sunset over Kata Juta (The Olgas).  Click above to see a video of this fantastic experience.