New Brunswick - Bay of Fundy


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New Brunswick borders Quebec and the St. Lawrence in the north and Maine to the west, with the Bay of Fundy and Nova Scotia to the south, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Prince Edward Island to the northeast.  The official languages of the province are English and French. Its most famous site is the Bay of Fundy which has the highest tides in the world.   Below are photos of Steve and Sally standing beside the Flower Pot Rocks at Rocks Provincial Park at Hopewell Cape. Some of these interesting formations are over 50 feet high and their shapes have been formed as a result of the Bay of Fundy tides.   When the tides come in all you can see are the trees which grow at the top of the rocks.    When the tides go out it's a wonderful opportunity to walk on the ocean floor and park rangers blow a horn to let you know it is time to leave and that the tides are coming in.