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Lindblad Expeditions turns vacationers into explorers. Intimate groups set sail  on small expedition ships and voyage to unique destinations around the globe,  going places luxury liners can't. A roster of celebrated Expedition Leaders and  Naturalists will guarantee every minute of every day of every expedition is  different from the last.

On January 9, 2008 Steve and Sally flew to Cairo and joined a Lindblad Expeditions Tour called Exploring Egypt.   They spent the next 11 days exploring Cairo, sailing the Nile aboard the Triton, and visited Egypt's most important monuments, tombs and temples.   In Cairo they visited the Coptic Museum, the Citadel, El Rifaii and the Mahmed Ali Mosque, the Egyptian Museum, and the Khan El Khlili Market.  They then flew to Luxor where they boarded the Triton, a luxury river vessel, and sailed along the Nile visiting the Luxor Temple, the Temple of Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, the Edfu Temple, the Temple of Horus, Kom Ombo, the Aswan quarries  and the Temple of Philae.  They also experienced a felucca ride.   They then flew to Abu Simbel where they visited the Temple of Ramses II and the Temple of Hator.   Back in Cairo after their cruise, they visited the Pyramids of Giza, pyramid of Cheops, the great Sphinx and visited the Solar Boat Museum.  They visited the city of Memphis where they saw the statue of Ramses II and went to Saqqara and saw the Pyramid of Pharoah Chefren.  When they finished their tour of Egypt they then flew to Jordan to do a Lindblad Expeditions extension and after Jordan they flew to Israel.  To see Steve's wonderful photos click on the buttons above.

The was Steve and Sally's home on their cruise on the Nile.    The Triton hosts 42 guests in 20 outside staterooms and has one Bridge Suite.  It has four decks and has heated indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a spa with fitness equipment.   It has a crew of 60.
 Photo courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions.

Thanks to Steve and Sally for sharing their wonderful photos with us.

This belly dancer was some of the entertainment Steve and Sally saw onboard the Triton.

Logo, map and information courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions.

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