Marae Arahurahu

Maraes are open-air temples where the ancient Polynesians worshipped their gods.  They were created out of rocks and were used as meeting places and sometimes were owned by a particular family.   Marae Arahurahu at PK22.5 in Paea was completely restored by Dr. Sinoto of the Bishop Museum in Honolulu.  It is about the size of a tennis court and has a flat platform where animal and human offerings were left for the gods.  

Before emtering the marae, the Tiki guardian must receive a kiss and a flower.

Didi explains the significance of the marae to the Tahitians.  

Outside of the marae is a little stand selling hats and other items made by the people who live there.   There is even a friendly gecko (above right) that attached itself to Sandy!