South America


South America

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South America is a popular destination for travelers and explorers. With 13 countries, the continent is a land of unparalleled beauty and adventure. With the flat mountain tops of Venezuela and Suriname, the stunning beauty of the beaches and jungles of Colombia,  the snow-capped peaks of the Andean mountains from Ecuador to Argentina, and the frozen landscapes of Patagonia, South America is a naturalist's paradise.

The South America and Ecuador pages were created by Cindy Smith, an ex-Peace Corps volunteer (left) who lived in Ecuador for 6 years. All photos were taken by Cindy.

Woman of Otavalo, Ecuador

The diversity of cultures in South America offer visitors a look into the past as well as the present. From the descendents of the Incas and Spanish, to recently contacted tribes, to slaves brought from abroad, to European settlers, each ethnic group has a rich cultural past in South America.