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Jane and Ross Farghar, your hosts.  Jane's wonderful sense of humor is seen throughout the pub, the hotel and on the road!

Half the fun of getting to the Prairie Hotel are the signs!  The hotel is famous for their Feral Feast shown below.  Emu, camel, wallaby, and kangaroo come complete with flags to show you what you are about to eat!   Don't be afraid to try it - the food is amazing!

The Prairie Hotel in Parachilina, South Australia (population 7) is a wonderfully, quirky outback experience.  People come from all over the world to eat, drink and stay here.  Hollywood has discovered the Prairie Hotel and the Flinder Ranges and  scenes from Rabbit Proof Fence & Holy Smoke! with Harvey Keitel were shot here.

Inside the pub at the Prairie Hotel.  You never know who will be sitting next to you!

Adam and his plane can take you on a tour over the Flinders.

Once inside the pub, the handwritten menus are great fun to read .  Choices are camel sausage, goat chop, roo fillet plus their signature dish -  F.M.G - Feral Mixed Grill.  There are  also off-the-wall gifts in the pub. 

The train station at Parachilna.  One of the big activities is to watch the train go by.

This is the dessert menu! 

The dining room at the Prairie Hotel.

Rooms at the Prairie are three distinct styles.  There are the Heritage rooms, Deluxe rooms and above is one of the Executive rooms with its jacuzzi tub.   This section is sunk into the ground.   The hotel was renovated in 1997 and the award winning architecture incorporates energy efficient technology whenever possible
along with recycled materials.   

Moon over the Prairie Hotel. 

The other big activity every evening is to watch the sunset. 

Jane and Ross have opened up a sister property in Melrose called the North Star Hotel.   They have rooms in the hotel plus the funky Big Red and Green Truck accomodations!  Your kids would love staying here!

Photos courtesy of South Australia Tourism and the Prairie Hotel.