Eva Perles, the Black Pearl Gallery

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Here is one of our favorite shops in Moorea in the little village of  Maharepa, Moorea which is just beyond Cook's Bay. The owner, Eva Driot Frachon, has brought together many artists and displays their work in her charming gallery along with her own paintings.  She is also a jeweler and creates some very lovely pieces out of black pearls.   Her gallery is worth a visit if you are looking for unique and creative items from Moorea.  If you would like to visit her gallery, you can call her at 56-10-10 and she will be happy to come to your hotel and pick you up.  Please let her know that you got her information from the Your Travel Source website.  

To see some of Eva's lovely Tahitian paintings and to learn more about her, click here.

Above and left:  photos inside of Eva's gallery.  Right and below:  Some of the lovely paintings done by Eva.  

Palm Tree






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