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Dunedin is New Zealand's oldest city and is an historic university town that sits around a sheltered harbour.  With its Victorian & Edwardian spires & towers of notable neo-Gothic buildings & stately homes, it is considered the most Scottish town in New Zealand.

Photo by Kieran Scott

The weekly farmers market is a gathering place for residents & visitors alike, where fresh produce mixes with  local treats such as bacon butties.

Larnach Castle - New Zealand's only castle, now  open to overnight visitors.

Scenic Otago Peninsula, with Dunedin in the background.  The peninsula is the site of the only mainland breeding colony of Royal Albatross.

At Penguin Place, get up close & personal with Yellow-Eyed penguins, the world's rarest penguin (above), & the tiny Fairy or Blue, penguins, the world's smallest (below).

 Penguin Place , where passionate penguin lovers inform visitors about their efforts to protect their charges.

Photos courtesy of Tourism New Zealand

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