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Steve and Sally's second cruise was for 11-nights on the Orion discovering the Papua New Guinea Highland Cultures.  On their Orion cruise, they explored the Sepik River, East Sepik Province, Madang, Nagada Harbour, Long Island, Cape Nelson, Tufi, D'Entrecasteaux Islands, Samari Island, and Milne Bay.  Papua New Guinea has over 850 tribes that speak 850 different languages and have 850 different cultures.   


Sally & Steve with one of the Mudmen dancers.

This is a picture of the Mudman Warriors performing their war dances.  Steve and Sally flew from Madang  into the Eastern Highlands and landed at the provincial capital of Goroka and then went by bus to the village of the Mudmen.  "Their masks of mud were used to strike fear into their enemies during tribal warfare and are worn even today when they do "payback" raids against neighboring villages for any perceived or real wrong doings."
Courtesy of Orion Expeditions itinerary "11-Night Papua New Guinea Highland Cultures"

How would you like to meet up with these
 fellows on some dark night?

The Mudman Warriors use gourds in an interesting way!

The geysers of D'Entrecasteaux Islands.   "The D'Entrecasteaux group consists of three large islands (Fergusson, Goodenough and Normanby) and they are famed as some of the mostly steeply-sided islands in the world, as well as being one of the last haunts of  cannibals.  The surrounding ocean is rich in marine life, being home to whales, dolphin and dugong."
Courtesy of Orion Expeditions' itinerary "11-Night Papua New Guinea Highland Cultures"

Melanesian profile.

Above and right:  Typical transportation in the Papua New Guinea highlands.  They don't need SUVs or Hummers here!  The rivers are their highways. "The Sepik River is the longest river in Papua New Guinea....Orion visited the Sepik River in East Sepik Province and anchored near the river's mouth near the village of Watam, home to about 300." 
Courtesy of Orion Expeditions' itinerary "11-Night Papua New Guinea Highland Cultures"

Villagers on the Tami River.

Steve wrote:  "This photo of us was taken in a small village in the Tufi fjords...the green object held by the  man next to Sally, is sago flour made from the sago palm...staple food of the Tufi people."   "The magnificient coast around Cape Nelson on the north coast of the mainlaind is a well-kept secret.  More than 30 fjords are carved into the shoreline.  Each fjord is surrounded by dense rainforest above sheer basalt walls, many with waterfalls plunging into the sea.   Sandy beaches meet coral reefs and the crystal clear water is crammed with diverse marine life."  
Courtesy of Orion Expeditions' itinerary "11-Night Papua New Guinea Highland Cultures"

A young boy in Tufi. 
"Embark on a scenic 20-minute cruise along the coast where we enter the spectacular Kwapurina Fjord.  We reach Smith Island and our local guide is Smith (also known as Tarzan due to his wearing of loin cloth)....Upon disembarking at the island we will be given a tradtional welcome by the village people....and experience spectacular dances that are unique to the Tufi area." 
Courtesy of Orion Expeditions' itinerary "11-Night Papua New Guinea Highland Cultures"

Our thanks to Steve and Sally for sharing their amazing photos with us.

Steve with the villagers of Watam on the Sepik River.   They were  the third group of outsiders  to ever visit the village!

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