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In January 2006 Steve and Sally took a Lindblad Expeditions' "Antarctica - the White Continent" expedition cruise.  First they flew into Santiago, Chile and spent several days visiting the Chilean wine country .  After that they linked up with Lindblad and toured Torres del Paine National Park for several days.  Then Lindblad flew them to Ushuaia, Argentina where they boarded the National Geographic Endeavour and began their exploration of Antarctica. 

Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia.  

Lindblad Expeditions turns vacationers into explorers. Intimate groups set sail  on small expedition ships and voyage to unique destinations around the globe,  going places luxury liners can't. A roster of celebrated Expedition Leaders and  Naturalists will guarantee every minute of every day of every expedition is  different from the last.
Logo, map and information courtesy of Lindblad Expeditions.

The National Geographic Endeavour is the caldera of Deception Island.   The Endeavour is home to 110 guests.  The ship has a fitness center, gift shop, library, lounge, swimming pool, zodiacs and kayaks.  Steve and Sally traveled in the company of a National Georgraphic researcher, writer, and photographer and Lindblad's naturalists..   According to Steve, it's a fantastic ship for exploring Antarctica.

More peaks in Torres in the Chilean Patagonia. 

Sally & Steve on the Seventh Continent.  

The Endeavour sailing through Drake's Passage.

Adelie penguin on the Antarctic peninsula (named after a French explorer's wife).  

A whaler's  grave on Deception Island.    Life is hard in Antarctica.

The last resting place of a sea mammal. 

Typical scenery in Antarctica.

Sally at the Adelie Rookery, Danger Islands, Weddell Sea.  

Packed ice in the Weddell Sea where the french explorer, Dumont d'Urville's ship was frozen fast.

Our thanks to Steve for sharing his amazing photos with us.

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